Fact Sheet

Developer Philip Hoare
Release Date Summer 2023
Platform IOS
Price £3.99, or free with ads
Availability Digital Download
Language English
ESRB E for everyone 10+
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Space-Time Slip uses the theory of general relativity to provide the player with an arcade-style game about time travel and avoiding asteroids in space. The player controls a rocket spacecraft that takes off from Earth. As the player escapes the gravitational field, by getting further away, time passes faster on the surface of Earth; allowing the player to return to the surface and visit different civilisations. In these civilisations, the player can upgrade their rocket with new modules that change how the game plays and let the player build a rocket to survive the dangers of time travel.

The game is addictive, and the core gameplay revolves around avoiding asteroids and collecting pickups to survive long enough in space. In doing so, the player will travel forwards in time.

Players can meet different civilisations from history, and gain brand new upgrades for their rocket that alter the gameplay experience. Players can find the best upgrades that work for them, and work out their own playstyle.

A deep score system encourages players to be daring and try new tricks to increase their score. Space-Time Slip will have players always wanting to come back and beat their high score.


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