Space-Time Slip uses the theory of general relativity to provide the player with an arcade-style game about time travel and avoiding asteroids in space. The player controls a rocket spacecraft that takes off from Earth. As the player escapes the gravitational field, by getting further away, time passes faster on the surface of Earth; allowing the player to return to the surface and visit different civilisations. In these civilisations, the player can upgrade their rocket with new modules that change how the game plays and let the player build a rocket to survive the dangers of time travel.

Who Are We?

Space-Time Slip is a university final year project from Philip Hoare, studying at the Winchester School of Art. The project has allowed him to learn a great deal about Unity development, particularly for mobile and how to adapt to different screen sizes, as well as game balancing, to produce a quick core gameplay loop that is snappy and fun to engage with.

Game Design, Development & Art

Philip Hoare


Georgia White

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